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We have a track record of winning cases other solicitors reject or discontinue. Let us give you a free expert opinion and help you to prove your claim.

If you have received legal advice regarding your medical negligence claim and you are not happy with the outcome of your case or the advice you have received, we are here to help. Our medical negligence solicitors offer free second opinions and can provide advice and support about compensation claims.

Why seek a second opinion?

Medical negligence claims can be complex to investigate and it is important to get the right legal and medical specialists to advise on whether or not a claim will be successful. Just because you have been told that you don’t have a case, it doesn’t mean that you should give up entirely. There may be aspects of the case that have not yet been fully considered or explored.

Recently, there have been some legal developments which mean that certain cases which have proved unsuccessful previously, could now be successful and should be reviewed, taking into account the changes in the law.

If you are not satisfied with the explanations previously provided, then our team is happy to talk to you to find out what happened and consider the questions you would like answered. We will review any papers, records or reports to establish if anything has been missed or whether the claim could be approached differently.

If we think we can take your case forward, we will discuss your options for funding the claim and take you through the next steps to ensure you receive the support you need.

Free review and funding of your claim

We know that bringing a claim against the NHS, a General Practitioner or private doctor can seem very daunting, especially when you may have already been told that there is no claim to pursue. There is no need to worry about fees though, as we give our second opinion free of charge and if we think we can help we can offer No Win No Fee for some claims and access Legal Aid for others.

Timing and reopening of closed cases

If you would like to seek a second opinion, then you should do this without any delay. There are certain time limits which apply to medical negligence claims, and if you do not pursue a claim within the relevant timeframe, you can risk not being able to pursue matters further. Please note, timeframes are longer for children or anyone lacking full mental capacity.

Remember, even if your case has been investigated and subsequently closed, we may be able to reopen this if time hasn’t run out.

Why choose us?

We are specialist medical negligence and serious injury lawyers working with our clients and their families to get the support, answers and compensation they deserve.

We have many years of experience and are very thorough in considering all aspects of claims, leaving no stone unturned. We push boundaries to ensure that all avenues are explored, even for the most difficult of claims, including those that other solicitors have rejected or closed.

We’re proud to put our clients first at all times and commit to doing our upmost to achieve the right outcome for you.

Our specialist and friendly team will provide you with all of the help and support that you need throughout the claims process.

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