Free case review

We can advise you on whether you should proceed to investigate a claim free of charge. This often may involve accessing and reviewing your medical records without any cost to you.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is available for limited cases – those relating to neurological injury during pregnancy, labour, delivery, or in the early neonatal period. Legal Aid comes with restrictions and for that reason you may decide that you would prefer to fund your case by way of a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) otherwise known as No Win No Fee. This method can often enable us to pursue claims for damages faster with the best experts on board.

No Win No Fee (Conditional Fee Agreement)

This is an agreement between you and this firm which ensures that if you are unsuccessful in any investigation you will not have to pay any costs. We offer this type of funding even when legal aid is available but this method is preferred. This package of funding has been carefully put together to ensure you have complete peace of mind that if your case does not succeed you will not have bills to pay.

We have made a commitment to all the families we work with that we will not charge a success fee if your child’s claim involves a brain injury or significant damage. This ensures your child’s damages are used as intended to fund future care and support.

Legal Expenses Insurance

You may be able to use a legal expenses insurance policy to pay for your legal costs and expenses.

Most insurers will instruct us to investigate matters for you given the complexity and our expertise, even when they have their own solicitors in place.

It is likely that your legal expenses insurance policy is insufficient to pursue your claim to its conclusion. It’s important to be fully advised upon this from the outset to avoid additional unnecessary expenditure for you at a later stage.

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