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Causes of Compartment Syndrome

Each group of muscles in the arms and legs, together with nearby blood vessels and nerves, is contained in a space surrounded by tissue called fascia.

Compartment syndrome occurs when the pressure within a compartment increases, restricting the blood flow to the area and potentially damaging the muscles and nearby nerve.

Compartment syndrome occurs when increased pressure builds in the muscle compartment. This can lead to permanent damage to the muscles and the nerves in the area and it can reduce blood flow.


In some cases, often after an injury to the area, the compartment fills with so much pressure that the blood flow is blocked.

This acute situation can cause damage to the muscle and the nerves and treatment to relieve the pressure can involve making a surgical incision (known as a fasciotomy) to release the pressure and prevent permanent damage.

Not doing this fast enough, can cause the muscles to die and require limb amputation.

Spotting the symptoms

Continuous or worsening pain combined with decreased sensation in the affected area, pale or shiny skin or swelling can be telltale signs.

How we can help

Our team of experienced lawyers specialise in amputation claims. They can be complex and challenging. We have successfully pursued claims for families who have been through similar experiences so if you or a family member have suffered amputation after compartment syndrome, we’ll help you get the answers and the outcome you need.

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