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Footsteps is an Oxfordshire based foundation charity that provides, support, therapy and rehabilitation services for hundreds of children across the UK.

Founded in 2008, the Footsteps Centre provides specialist physiotherapy, with the aims of improving the mobility, movement, and independence of children with neurological conditions. With the help of Footsteps, parents and families can feel reassured that their child will be able to reach their full potential, increasing their quality of life.

The foundation offers a new, innovative therapy, called Spider Therapy, which uses specialised equipment that enables children to explore their full range of movement, building up strength and flexibility, in a safe controlled environment. The therapy aims to increase confidence and future independence, having already changed the lives of so many since its creation.

Footsteps also provides financial assistance and aid for families to access crucial therapy, without the stress of financial burden.

The foundation works with each family to tailor any financial aid around the individual situation, allowing their child to take part in the footsteps therapy program.

Anays during Spider Therapy at the Footsteps Foundation.

What is Footsteps therapy?

Footsteps therapy combines, mat work, orofacial neuromotor therapy and ‘Spider Therapy’ to develop core strength, balance, mobility and critical skills in children with cerebral palsy or other neurological difficulties.

‘Spider Therapy’, developed in Poland, involves a piece of equipment affectionately known as the ‘Spider’.

“The ‘Spider’ is a series of elastic ropes attached to an open frame which creates a ‘spider’s web, holding each child in their perfect postural position and enabling them to practise balancing, crawling, kneeling and standing positions, whilst concentrating on essential movements such as supporting, reaching, grasping and holding.”

You can find out more about the services provided by Footsteps on their website.

CL Medilaw supporting Footsteps

We recently supported Footsteps by funding the publication of their Annual Progress Report. The report detailed their growth as a foundation and outlined their key focus areas.

As expert brain and birth injury solicitors, we truly value our relationship with Footsteps, as they can provide life changing support for our clients. We look forward to developing this even further in the future.

In addition, we recently funded a block of intensive Spider Therapy for our client Charlie (pictured) through our Giving Back fund.

Through our support, Charlie was able to benefit from Spider Therapy and has made great progress with his mobility which will help him to reach his full potential.

“Charlie will continue to face new challenges and difficulties every day of his life but with support, he will be able to achieve what he wants to…We are very grateful for the support of CL Medilaw, which will help disabled children like Charlie to receive the physiotherapy that they need” – Charlie’s Mum

“Footsteps is a fantastic charity based in Oxfordshire, who provide such innovative physical therapies to babies and children from all around the UK. We are delighted to work with Footsteps and, as a team, we were very proud to be invited to fund their 2023 Progress Report. We have also been thrilled to support Footsteps through our Giving Back initiative and to see our clients benefiting from attending the Footsteps Centre for physical therapy. We are looking forward to seeing how Footsteps continues to go from strength to strength and finding ways for CL Medilaw to support Footsteps further in the future.”

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