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Consent to surgery

Every surgical procedure has risks. These should be explained to you by your surgeon before you agree to undergo any procedure or operation. No doctor should tell you that surgery is risk-free. The law says it is important that you know about the risks and benefits of undergoing surgery so that you are able to make an informed decision about whether you should proceed; this includes being told of any alternative treatments.

If you are not warned adequately about a potential adverse outcome to surgery and then this arises, we can investigate a potential claim for damages on your behalf and have supported many families who have had the same happen to them.

Errors during surgery

Mistakes can happen in the operating theatre and the outcome may not be as you expected. A failure to notice changes in a patient’s blood pressure, oxygen levels or cardiac function whilst under anaesthetic can have devastating consequences. If cardiac arrest occurs, it can take only minutes for a brain injury to occur. There may be other medical errors made that cause injury to internal organs and have an equally damaging effect on the brain.

How we can help

We can support you through an investigation to explore whether you were not properly advised of risks and alternatives to surgery, or whether a surgical error should simply not have occurred. We can help you obtain the right level of compensation in order to ease your path to recovery and give you and your family financial security.

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