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Cardiac failure and brain injury

The heart is responsible for supplying blood and oxygen to all other parts of the body. When the heart’s function is impaired and blood supply is reduced, or if the heart stops, then other parts of the body will start to become damaged, including the brain.

Why bring a claim?

It might be because you weren’t given appropriate or enough medication for an existing condition. You may have had a heart condition misdiagnosed or experienced a delay in treatment of a heart attack. Something might have gone wrong during an operation, or another condition, such as sepsis, may have been poorly treated and led to a cardiac arrest. All of these, and others, may give rise to a medical negligence claim, entitling you to financial compensation for your injuries.

Our specialist brain injury team

Our expert brain injury solicitors can investigate the cause of your brain injury and find out if medical negligence is to blame. We can then use our many years of experience in obtaining life-changing compensation for you to get your life back on track as much as possible.

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