What is gangrene?

Gangrene is a condition that occurs when body tissue dies. If left untreated it can result in amputation. In some cases, gangrene can be very dangerous as the infection can spread through the body and become life threatening.


If blood cannot travel freely throughout the body, your cells will struggle to survive, ischaemia can develop, and tissue can die from gangrene. Any underlying illness, injury, and/or infection that affects blood flow increases your risk of gangrene. Fingers, toes and limbs are most commonly affected. Causes can include: Your doctors should be on the lookout for the development of gangrene.

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Our team of specialist amputation lawyers are here to help if you or your loved one has been affected by amputation because of gangrene. We can help you get the answers you need if you think that something might have gone wrong.

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A person who has undergone a gangrene amputation procedure due to medical negligence or malpractice may be able to make a compensation claim. If the amputation was the result of a medical professional’s failure to provide appropriate care, such as a delayed or missed diagnosis, failure to provide adequate treatment, or surgical errors, then the patient may be entitled to claim compensation for their losses.

Some common examples of medical negligence that can lead to a gangrene amputation claim include:

  1. Failure to diagnose and treat infections: If a doctor fails to recognize or adequately treat an infection that leads to gangrene, they may be held liable for any resulting amputation.

  2. Surgical errors: If a surgeon makes an error during a procedure that results in an amputation, the patient may be able to claim compensation for their losses.

  3. Delayed or incorrect treatment: If a patient’s gangrene was not properly diagnosed or treated in a timely manner, and as a result, they needed an amputation, they may have a valid compensation claim.

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