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Causes of traumatic brain injury

Trauma to the head can occur during an accident, such as in a road collision or a slip or fall, or be caused by a physical assault or an injury whilst at work. It can also happen due to medical negligence, such as a fall or accident whilst an inpatient in hospital. If the trauma is severe enough to cause damage to the brain, permanent and life-altering disabilities can arise.

Life after a brain injury

Traumatic brain injury sufferers and their families might feel lost about how to get through the day, weeks, months and years ahead. Although it may feel like life will never be the same again, with the right help and support, and financial security, life can get better. Many of our clients who have suffered brain injuries have gone on to achieve great things, and are set up in adapted homes, with the right equipment, therapies, and specialist support to give them to a level of independence and ability to enjoy life once again.

How we can help

If the injury was caused by someone else’s actions, a claim for compensation can be made. We specialise in these types of claims and have a team of brain injury solicitors ready to help, at no cost to you.

We will provide guidance and support at every step, answer your questions and help when difficult decisions need to be made. Our solicitors will also help you get back on track, with the right kind of care, accommodation, rehabilitation and support for the future, so that you can continue to live your life to the full.

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