What is a Grant of Probate/ Letters of Administration?

They provide individuals with the legal authority to deal with a loved one’s estate after they have died. It allows them to do things like close bank accounts, cash in investments and sell or transfer property.

A Grant of Probate will only be issued to the executors named in a Will whereas Letters of Administration are issued to the next of kin of a loved one who has died without a Will.

Why are these needed as part of a compensation claim?

As part of a compensation claim after a loved one has died, a claim can be brought for the amount of compensation that the deceased would have been entitled to at the point of death. In order to satisfy the court that the appropriate person is dealing with element of the claim and has the right to receive any compensation on behalf of the estate, we must obtain either a grant of probate or letters of administration prior to court proceedings being issued.

If you have not already obtained these documents, we can help you to do so as part of the compensation claim.

What should you do next?

We are happy to act on a no win no fee basis so if you would like our help at this difficult time, contact our expert team to discuss your fatal claim and the tragic circumstances of your loved one’s death.

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