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“We all feel very grateful to everyone at CL Medilaw for the efforts that were put into the claim. It’s fair to say that it couldn’t have gone more smoothly or with more humanity.”

“We really appreciated everything that the CL Medilaw team had done especially as they were all so polite, thorough and encouraging. The whole thing can feel a bit overwhelming at times, but it’s fair to say everyone made the compensation process as calm and smooth as possible.”

“The stress was bearable only because of the expertise, pragmatism and care of the CL Medilaw team: at all times I knew that I was in safe hands including each of the experts chosen by the team, they ensured that I received the care I needed for my rehabilitation.”

“Just to thank everyone involved for their help. At the very start, when everything was overwhelming, we wouldn’t have known what to do or where to start. Being able to leave the case in your hands was really helpful.”

“Every staff member was helpful, polite and efficient…The experience couldn’t have been dealt with more efficiently and humanely. We were all extremely happy with the service and would encourage anyone requiring a personal injury solicitor to look nowhere other than CL Medilaw.”

“Thank you very much for all the hard work and kindness that you and your team put into my case… You could not have been more helpful and it was always a pleasure to meet with you.”

“You have been a thorough pleasure to work with, your professionalism, efficiency, genuine concern and approachable style have made the process so far, accessible and reassuring.”

“CL Medilaw, although professionally engaged, have become what you call friends. We are eternally grateful and appreciative of their help and support throughout the claim. We have no reservations whatsoever in recommending CL Medilaw.”

“Thanks for your support in coming to a conclusion. As you know, I have much appreciated (having) you as our solicitors, professionally and from a human point of view.”

“Thank you just doesn’t seem enough I have to tell you I am so happy you are at the helm of my case and so appreciative of your efforts and swiftness.”

“CL Medilaw have always communicated to the family in a caring manner which in turn has given us comfort in very difficult and trying times. Everything undertaken has been explained and time given to ensure we were comfortable in current and next steps being undertaken. The whole team have been excellent in their approach, which has been very helpful and demonstrates the company’s ethos and culture. There was a ‘family’ feel to how we were supported and guide, rather than a cold corporate style of management.”

“They are professional, empathetic, caring, efficient and ensure that you understand all aspects of what is happening, and what could happen. They take the time to support and manage any worries you may have.”

“I am very happy with the final outcome and would like to thank the CL Medilaw team for all their efforts.”

“Thank you so much for all your support and hard work over these last months on my case. I really appreciate it all. I’m so delighted with the outcome.”

“Your management of this case and your concern for X’s future have made us all very grateful and I would like to thank you very much.”

“Everyone who works at CL Medilaw looks after you and makes sure everything is as it should be. CL Medilaw supported me through the good and the bad and I feel I couldn’t have had a better lawyer who genuinely cares and wants what’s best for the client. They also helped me on a personal note when they could. Talking with the team in person or by telephone was always a pleasure.

CL Medilaw ensured that I received the best treatment for (the) rehab process which helped my recovery to be a lot quicker. Thanks to all of this, I now live independently with the support. I can’t bear to think about how I would be now without it. A huge thanks to everyone at CL Medilaw.”

“Having been turned away by local solicitors, CL Medilaw took up our case. From the outset they were frank and honest about our chances of success.

There outstanding perseverance and belief in the situation resulted in success. My son now has the secure future he will need to survive in life. And the words ‘Thank you’ are too small to express our gratitude to the team for what they have done.

CL Medilaw’s understanding of head injuries and there knowledge and insight has undoubtedly changed our life.”

“I congratulate you for controlling the process over a five-year period. Through all the twists and turns and more recently what has been a very unpredictable sequence of difficult events to facilitate, showing compassion and dealing with them in a very professional manner.

The agreed damages you have secured on behalf of (the client) will make a positive impact to her and provide her with some compensation and quality of life for the future. We all greatly appreciate this achievement.”

“Throughout an emotional and stressful time, we, as a family, have been treated with kindness, consideration and care by all members of CL Medilaw staff we have been in contact with. Thank you, you are a fantastic team.”

“The team at CL Medilaw became like an extended family to us, always on hand, always understanding and above all always with our best interests as their priority.”

“CL Medilaw is an excellent law firm. They have supported me and assisted my family during my ongoing court case.

CL Medilaw are the legal equivalent to a bunch of scaffolders they hold up your life when everything else is collapsing around you and help you to get repaired as best as they can.

Though my case is still ongoing I will always be grateful, because with CL Medilaw I have been given the best chance at moving forward with my life.”

“We can’t thank you enough for your work & efforts, everything you have done is very much appreciated & I wish all legal advisors & representatives could be as ‘hands-on’ & as supportive as you are!”

“We cannot thank or praise you enough for all the hours you have put into my claim, you have been exceptional from start to finish. We are aware of the hard work and dedication you put in to get us the life-changing amount, this has never gone unnoticed.”

“Thank you sincerely for not only everything that you did for us, but also for the way that you did it. At an unbelievably stressful and traumatic time, where the need for urgency was prevalent, you gave us complete confidence in what you were doing, and faith that it would fulfil our needs. I would have no hesitation in using the services of CL Medilaw again, and recommending you to others.”

“We are so pleased with the outcome of our case. You have been a constant comfort to us throughout this long and traumatic experience, and you have always made us feel that we can contact you about anything. You have really cared about the effects on our family and done your best for us. We could not have asked for any more professional care, and have trusted in your vast knowledge of brain injuries.”


Multi-jurisdictional support for child with severe brain injury


Work-related accident


Master X – 8 year old boy in freak accident causing a traumatic brain injury
Frequently asked questions
How will I fund my claim?

There may be several options open to you to include legal aid, No Win No Fee and legal expense insurance. We can advise you on the correct funding method for you. We have designed a No Win No Fee package to protect you from paying any costs should your claim not be successful.


Do you offer Legal Aid?

Yes we do offer Legal Aid when this is available for clients. Legal Aid is restricted to claims relating to neurological injuries sustained in pregnancy, birth or the early neonatal period. Although we can pursue a claim for you using a Legal Aid certificate, there may be better funding options open to you to ensure your claim is dealt with swiftly and with the best experts. We can discuss this in more detail with you to advise you on the best way forward.

Will I have to pay for any investigation if my claim is unsuccessful?

We know how important it is to be reassured that you will not be financially liable for any unsuccessful investigation. We have set up a funding package that ensures you will not have to pay any fees should your claim for damages fail.

How long will my claim take?

All claims are different and this depends upon when a final prognosis is known and a claim can be valued.

Once we obtain an admission of liability in your case we can request an immediate payment to help with your needs and put support in place.

What will the first steps be?

We will discuss your circumstances at a time and place to suit you – in person, at your home or on the telephone. We can request your medical records at the outset free of charge. Once we have reviewed your records we can advise you further and appoint suitable experts to provide their opinion on your potential claim.

Will I have to go to court?

Medical negligence claims rarely go to court, with only a small percentage of the more complex cases ending up there. However, in the unlikely event that your case reaches court, we will be by your side throughout the process.


When will be damages be paid?

As soon as we possibly can, we will obtain an early payment for you to support any immediate financial needs you have. This can help you obtain care, therapy, accommodation and rehabilitation. The sooner you investigate a potential claim the sooner an early payment can be made if you are successful.


What can I claim for?

The aim of compensation is to put you in the financial position you would have been in had it not been for the injury/negligence in question. We recognise that this is sometimes impossible, but we can work with you and the best experts to ensure all your needs are assessed and costed to help you transform your life for the better, and to give you financial security for the future.


How much is my claim worth?

It is difficult to advise upon the value of your claim at the outset given the complexity of the issues involved. However, if you have sustained a life changing injury then damages are likely to be substantial. Once the correct expert evidence is obtained and when a final prognosis is known we can advise you further. Our role is to maximise the compensation you receive and we specialise in doing so.

Are there any time limits to pursue a claim?

It is important to pursue your claim as quickly as possible due to time limits and to also enable us to help you obtain compensation as soon as possible. This is especially the case in complex cases as the process can be lengthy.

You have to start your claim within 3-years (limitation period) from when the injury occurred or when you first became aware of any potential negligence or injury as a result. However, the time limit only begins when a child reaches 18 years of age.

For someone who lacks capacity to pursue any litigation, the 3-year time period may never start to run although capacity can return or be intermittent.

You should always seek legal advice upon the relevant limitation period in your circumstances.


Will my claim be reported in the press?

We will always respect your right to privacy wherever possible. Sometimes, clients want details of any settlement to be made public or there may be publicity surrounding the case in certain circumstances. If this occurs we can support you in managing any contact with the media to ensure you are in control of any publicity that occurs.


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