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Breakthrough technologies have contributed to an amazing and varied range of prosthetic solutions with a focus on clinical outcomes and quality of life. Options include everyday prostheses, cosmetic prostheses, sports and recreational legs (running legs, water legs/swimming legs), and specialist shower prostheses.
Advancements in microprocessor and myoelectric (bionic) prostheses and those designed specifically for children mean that really exciting options are out there for our clients.
One example, the ‘Michaelangelo’ hand, can sense, via electrodes, when the muscles in the upper arm move, causing the artificial hand to open or close.
Our team will work hard to find the solution or combination of solutions that work for you, to help you get back on track.


This pioneering procedure involves fitting a titanium implant directly into the bone, allowing a prosthesis to be connected to it. For some the benefits can be huge and can include more comfort without the use of sockets, fewer skin complications and improved stability and safety compared with the traditional approach.
Osseointegration might be a solution that’s right for your case and our team can connect you with not only the right experts but also amputees who have been through the procedure.

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