What is hypoxia?

Hypoxia is a reduction of oxygen in the blood supply. This can happen to a baby during the birth process and if severe enough, can cause permanent brain injury. The longer the period of hypoxia, the worse the brain damage can be.

When to make a claim

There are a number of events during pregnancy, labour and birth that can lead to a reduction of the oxygen supply to your baby. The important thing is whether the doctors or midwives should have recognised this and acted sooner to deliver the baby to prevent brain damage setting in. This is how many claims made by children with cerebral palsy or other neurological injuries arise – the medical professionals failing to respond to signs of hypoxia during their mother’s labour and at their birth.

How we can help

We have acted for many children who have suffered hypoxic brain injuries at birth, obtaining millions of pounds of compensation to ensure they have the right care and support for their rest of their lives.

Our first step would be to discuss the circumstances of the birth with you and then review the medical records. We would then be able to advise on your prospects of winning a claim, and discuss an appropriate form of funding to cover the legal costs, including that of obtaining expert opinions on your case. All of this is at no cost to you.

Life after a hypoxic brain injury

Our aim is to obtain an early admission of liability from those responsible for the avoidable brain injury, and ensure maximum compensation is awarded. Our expert Deputyship team can support you after the claim has settled to ensure that the compensation really does change your life for the better. Have a look at our client stories to see how we have helped others.

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