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Bladder and Bowel Injuries

We are specialists in getting answers and compensation when medical treatment causes a bladder or bowel injury, including injuries occurring during childbirth, as a result of cancer, and cauda equina.

What mistakes lead to bladder and bowel injury claims?

Bladder and bowel injuries can be debilitating, embarrassing and have a huge impact on everyday life. They can arise from many different medical procedures and can often be prevented if the correct treatment is given.

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Compensation cases for bladder and bowel injuries often arise from the following type of conditions or medical treatment:

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Why bring a claim?

We want to help you get the answers that you need to understand what went wrong with your medical treatment. We can help you to obtain compensation for treatment, aids and equipment, care and loss of earnings, as well as any other losses caused as a result of your injuries, both now and in the future. We can help ensure that this does not happen to someone else or another family.

Why choose us?

We are specialists in bladder and bowel injuries, having obtained large sums of compensation for people who have suffered significant, life changing injuries. We push the boundaries to ensure that all avenues are explored and that even the most difficult claim has the best chance of succeeding. At all times we put our clients first, asking the questions they want answered and ensuring they obtain the compensation they need to make life better.

No win no fee claims

We can accept all bladder and bowel injury cases on a No Win No Fee basis so you won’t have to worry about paying legal costs until after your claim has finished, and even then, only if your claim is successful.

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Louise Mills

Louise’s Story: Delayed diagnosis of Cauda Equina

Facts Louise attended her GP practice over several months complaining of leg pain and had been diagnosed with sciatica. On 17 May she attended an appointment with the Defendant and reported that she had experienced faecal incontinence which she had not felt and only noticed when visiting
Cancer Diagnosis Legal Case

JZ’s Story : Delay in diagnosis of bladder cancer

JZ had been suffering from blood in his urine and episodes of nocturnal enuresis (involuntary urination that occurs at night) so he attended his GP surgery in March 2013 with these concerns. His GP made a two-week referral to urology to investigate. He was referred to Urology

CL Medilaw are proud to join Bladder and Bowel UK’s new Legal Panel

CL Medilaw are proud to announce that they have been asked to join Bladder and Bowel UK’s (BBUK) first legal panel. BBUK specialise in raising awareness and providing information and advice to adults and children with bladder and bowel issues, together with their families, carers and the
vaginal tear

ST’s Story: Missed bowel perforation

  ST complained of a history of minor bleeding from her vagina and an ultrasound scan revealed the presence of a small cyst on ST’s ovary. The treatment plan put in place was for the cyst to be monitored with four monthly repeat scans. These ongoing scans

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