CL Medilaw are proud to announce that they have been asked to join Bladder and Bowel UK’s (BBUK) first legal panel.

BBUK specialise in raising awareness and providing information and advice to adults and children with bladder and bowel issues, together with their families, carers and the professionals that support them.

Their wide-ranging resources vary from leaflets and newsletters to online continence supplies and a directory of bladder and bowel products. BBUK also offer a free and confidential advice helpline, providing advice on bladder and bowel health issues, continence promotion and referrals to local services. The helpline is run by a team of specialist bowel and bladder nurses and product information advisers.

BBUK approached CL Medilaw to join their legal panel following an increasing number of their service users requesting specialist legal advice via their helpline.

BBUK recognise the need for a panel of trusted law firms with experienced clinical negligence solicitors who are able to offer advice and support to their service users when they need legal advice about their medical treatment.

At CL Medilaw, we have a team of specialist lawyers who understand that bladder and bowel problems often go undiscussed, untreated and can have devastating and life impacting consequences.

CL Medilaw can offer a free and confidential consultation with a specialist lawyer who will be able to provide advice about any clinical negligence claim. As part of any claim for compensation, CL Medilaw can also enable access to specialists for treatment advice and support.

For more information about the support that Bladder and Bowel UK can offer, head over to their website

You can also read some of our clients’ stories about how CL Medilaw how helped people who have suffered from bladder and bowel problems following failings in their medical treatment.

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