Competing in CBIT's annual treasure hunt

Despite achieving significant physical and mental milestones through recent fundraising, June presented our team with a new type of challenge whilst putting their detective skills to the test during the CBIT and PIC annual treasure hunts in London and Manchester.

The funds collected from the event will be critical in helping children with traumatic brain injuries, supporting them and their families as they navigate significant life adjustments. The dedication of CBIT is incredibly beneficial to some of the families we assist and we are thrilled to be affiliated with such an outstanding charity.

These initiatives not only raise essential funds but also bring together a community of like-minded professionals, all with the shared purpose of improving the lives of children with brain injuries. It was fantastic to see such a great turn out and meet several other participants, all of whom had their own reasons, personal or otherwise for taking part.

Lawyers 'reporting' for duty in London

Lucas, Shanice, Hayley and Victoria took to the streets of London, dusting off their notepads and pens as the journalism themed challenge took them past iconic landmarks and historical monuments.

Victoria Hubbert

Even though we hit a bump in the road when we veered off course at the start of the treasure hunt, we revved up our engines by ditching the pit stop and racing past the Inner Temple to locate more clues. While we didn't snag any trophies, the day was a blast and we triumphed in rallying support and funds for a fantastic cause!

The CL Medilaw team taking a selfie in front of the Royal Courts of Justice

Cooking up some fun in Manchester

The team hitting the streets of Manchester, made up of Lucy, Emily, Amelia and India successfully completed the chef themed challenge, exploring the city and its fantastic culture, all whilst raising money for the life changing charity.

Lucy Metters

It was a fabulous evening and we all had so much fun! Unfortunately we didn’t win any prizes, but loved meeting everyone over a few drinks, courtesy of 18SJS and CBIT! A great turn out to support CBIT's incredibly important work.

The CL Medilaw team taking a selfie at the Manchester CBIT treasure hunt

Hope for tomorrow - today

The Child Brain Injury Trust (CBIT) was established in 1991 with a shared goal of enhancing support and increasing awareness of acquired brain injury in children. Their efforts ensure that children and families receive the highest quality care and support. They focus on educating families and healthcare professionals about brain injuries.

Operating throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland they also work towards influencing policies in healthcare, social care, education and youth justice.

Their mission is to be a strong collective voice for families and children affected by brain injuries, advocating for change, fundraising and offering various services to those in need.

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