deep vein thrombosis

Our client was a lorry driver and scuba instructor. In 2008, an incident caused him to fall 4-5 feet from the cab of his lorry onto the ground on his back.

Over the coming months, he experienced continuing pain, numbness in his legs and tightness around his waist.

Later the same year, he also had a diving accident. After tests and treatment in a decompression chamber, he was found to have a lung cyst bulla, which ended his diving career. However, the numbness in his legs continued to deteriorate until he attended A&E and underwent emergency surgery for an arachnoid cyst of the spine.

Following the surgery, he remained in a wheelchair for 6 months before making a partial recovery, still requiring a stick to walk.

Support and specialist advice

The defendants argued that the arachnoid cyst could not be caused by blunt trauma (from the initial fall) and that the diving accident had caused, or contributed to, the condition.

Our team were able to locate a joint expert in diving accidents, who was instructed and found no evidence to support the defendant’s argument.

Changing Lives

We were able to secure a six-figure settlement for our client.


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