Early access to rehabilitation is the key to every fast and successful recovery. As a member firm of the Major Trauma Group, we can help achieve this.

CL Medilaw is a founding member of the Major Trauma Group. We have the complex injury experience and local expertise to help with your serious personal injury compensation claim.

Why does MTG exist?

The group was formed in the Spring of 2020 as a not for profit Community Interest Company. It is made up of leading law firms from across the country who, together with clinicians, have pooled their knowledge and experience to assist major trauma victims and their families through the provision of legal advice and ancillary services. The Major Trauma Group take care of the complex legal issues and let the patient focus on their rehabilitation journey.

There is typically a gap in statutory provision of rehabilitation available, as well as a constraint on the resources our overburdened NHS can provide. We’re striving to close these gaps by strengthening the services available to people who have experienced major trauma and easing NHS burdens.

Major Trauma Group acts as a lobbying group for the insurance industry to aid the NHS and those who are suffering from major trauma stress by helping to fund resources. The insurance industry in the United Kingdom is worth £35 billion, and it is more than capable of covering a larger share of the costs of major trauma treatment than it has in the past. To help the NHS, this additional expense should be set aside for rehabilitation.


The group has been created to enhance the rehabilitation journey and provide specialist legal assistance for those suffering major trauma. Working with survivors, their families and clinicians.

‘Nobody cares how much you know, until they know how much you care’. – Theodore Roosevelt

Major Trauma Group takes a client centred approach with a collaborative and supportive approach to each client’s particular needs. All of our personal injury lawyers focus on early access to comprehensive rehabilitation, enhancing outcomes and quality of life.

How we help?

Major Trauma Group members are committed to:

  • Enable early access to rehabilitation to help improve outcomes, regain independence and return to function.
  • Ensuring access to specialist legal and financial advice at an early stage to deal with the complex issues that arise as a consequence of major trauma including issues surrounding legal claims, issues with respect to work and family life and advice with respect to benefits and care funding.
  • Helping to achieve financial security for the future.

The support Major Trauma Group offers includes: Community care and support, court of protection, employment, family, financially planning, personal injury, special educational needs, welfare benefits, wills and probate.

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