Failure to diagnose hip dysplasia

A delay in diagnosing your baby’s hip dysplasia can lead to permanent damage and long term mobility issues. Early diagnosis can lead to surgery or the condition may be managed conservatively.

Your baby should be examined for any hip abnormality and monitoring should continue until your baby is able to walk.

The condition is more likely to arise if there is a family history of if your baby has been a breech delivery.

Why bring a claim?

If hip dysplasia goes undetected then this may lead to mobility problems for your child. He/she may start to walk with a limp. Otherwise unnecessary surgery may be required and there is a risk that your child may develop osteoarthritis and other complications in the future. Your child’s overall health and lifestyle may be affected.

Bringing a claim can provide your child with the financial security and support they may require to ensure appropriate treatment, equipment and adaptations are available in the future.

Compensation ensures the availability of support to enable your child to reach their full potential despite any physical limitations.

How we can help

Our spinal and orthopaedic specialists understand the legal and medical issues relevant in these cases having acted for many families with claims of this nature.

We understand the full extent of damages available and necessary in these circumstances and will ensure your child is fully compensated taking into account his/her individual needs.


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