CL Medilaw have teamed up with the Superhero’s from Amputation Foundation as they take part in this years At Home Superhero Challenge.

Amputation Foundation is a unique charity that assists amputees to give them the best start following an amputation and this year they are one of the Superhero Series “Charity Friends”.

As the month of completing 20km begins, let’s meet the teams; the MARVELOUS MONOPEDS, STUMPTROUPERS and team PARTIAL ARTS.

The MARVELOUS MONOPEDS, made up of team mates Josephine, Maggie and Sarah, will each be completing the challenge using a variation of marvellous methods. Josephine, a through knee amputee, will be wheeling the distance with her sidekick and daughter Eliza, whilst Sarah, who is a below knee amputee, has already made impressive progress with open water swimming, kayaking and sit down paddle boarding, brrrr! Finally, but equally as marvellous is Maggie, who is a below knee amputee. Maggie will be completing the challenge by crawling up and down the corridors of her apartment block.

Speaking about her motivation for competing in the Superhero Tri, Josephine hopes to break out of her comfort zone and is excited to take part in her first amputee team challenge.

Next up is the STUMPTROUPERS. Below knee amputees Laura, Lauren and Kirsty have chosen to split the challenge equally, by walking, jogging and using an exercise bike.

Last but by no means least, is team PARTIAL ARTS. Rebecca, Terri and Mick, will be doing a minimum of 6.6km each. Mick and Rebecca, arm amputees, are running and walking the distance, whilst Terri will be completing the 6.6km in her chair. We’ve been told that the Partial Arts are a competitive bunch, so we expect to see plenty of game faces at the finish line.

Stay tuned and also head over to The Amputation Foundation website for updates and ways to get involved as all three teams tackle the challenge head on.

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