As we enter the final week of the At Home Superhero Challenge, CL Medilaw checks in with the Superhero’s at Amputation Foundation to see how they’ve been getting on.

The MARVELLOUS MONOPEDS were off to a flying start and continued to rack up the miles on walks through sunny Shropshire. Superhero Sarah had her sidekick and daughter Taylor alongside her every step of the way, tackling stepping stones and kayaking nearly 3 miles on Ellesmere Lake!

After a competitive start, all teams from Amputation Foundation describe a similar journey of encouragement and teamwork, with many accomplishing personal victories. Kirsty from team STUMPTROOPERS described the challenge as ‘far more about try than tri… we have different levels of disabilities, but we provided moral support for one another with husbands and sheep as our sidekicks!’ Kirsty is a below knee amputee and completed her part of the challenge in various ways, finishing off with cycling across the finish line. Meanwhile, fellow STUMPTROOPER and single below knee amputee Laura, walked 7km around Dunham Massey, the furthest she has walked in over 3 months.

For more photos and ways to get involved head over to The Amputation Foundation website to show your support.


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