Our client was awarded damages after accident at work resulting in the amputation of his thumb plus psychiatric injury.

Our serious injury team has settled a claim for damages following an accident at work. Our client was operating a hydraulic log splitting machine when he sustained an injury causing the amputation of his dominant thumb. Alongside the physical injuries, the accident caused psychiatric injuries plus the consequential hurdles to his career in the emergency services.

How We Helped

Our team obtained an early admission from the Defendant employer who admitted failing to provide a safe place of work. We obtained interim payments of damages which allowed our client to undergo complex surgery in the private sector. This early intervention gave our client the best opportunity to progress his career in the emergency services.

Although the case was issued at court, settlement was reached between the parties where the defendant made a six figure offer of compensation. Settlement was reached without the need for a trial.

Damages will ensure our client has the necessary support, rehabilitation and financial security for the years to come. This is of greater importance given his young age and the hurdles he will face at home and in the workplace.

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