Peeps HIE, the UK’s only charity dedicated to supporting those affected by HIE, have invited CL Medilaw to be part of their first legal panel.

HIE, or hypoxic-ischaemic encephalopathy to give it its full name, is an event that can cause injury to a baby’s brain due to lack of oxygen.

Parents Sarah and Steve Land started the charity in 2018 following the birth of their daughter Heidi in 2015. Heidi stopped breathing shortly after being born during skin to skin and was later given a diagnosis of HIE. The family quickly realised there was little information or support available to families affected by HIE, so decided to do something about it!

Peeps HIE will shortly be turning 5 years old and has already helped many families touched by HIE by providing parent packs to neonatal units, peer / buddy support, counselling and funding for equipment. They are always looking for new ways to support their families and therefore decided to set up a new legal panel. The panel has been selected by Peeps from trusted law firms who can offer expert legal advice to their families.

Charlotte Moore, Partner says

As specialist maternity and birth injury lawyers, we are committed to supporting families touched by HIE with legal support but also by signposting to other relevant organisational support for all their needs. Working with Peeps has been a fundamental part of our approach over the last few years. We look forward continuing our support to the Peeps community putting families at the heart of what we do

The Peeps team are also delighted, with Sarah Land, Charity Manager saying

We’re really pleased to be launching our new Legal Panel. It’s something we have been planning for a while, and we understand that many of our families look for legal advice in lots of different situations. CL Medilaw have supported Peeps since we started out in 2018, so it’s great to have them on board with this new initiative

And if you’re wondering why the charity is called Peeps, it’s because family friends used to affectionately refer to Heidi as “Heidi-Peeps”!

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