Footsteps Annual Review

The Footsteps Foundation has published its latest progress report thanks to support from CL Medilaw

In 2008 the Footsteps Foundation was created, an incredible charity that enables children and young people with neurological disorders to access intensive physiotherapy at the Footsteps Centre.

Since its creation the foundation has helped hundreds of children – and their families – from all around the UK and often from abroad to access the life-changing therapies provided by the fantastic team of therapists at Footsteps.

Leading the way is the aptly-named ‘Spider’, a web of elasticated ropes and harnesses that provide support whilst enabling the young user to focus on and develop their balance and co-ordination, ultimately leading to increased strength, muscle tone, confidence and independence.

The ‘Spider’ is used in the UK exclusively by Footsteps who brought it to the UK following its development in Poland.

CL Medilaw’s clients are regular users of the centre, benefiting from the therapy provided by Footsteps.

There are no words to describe how overwhelmingly grateful we are for the Footsteps therapists help and the financial assistance of The Footsteps Foundation – we couldn’t attend as much as we do without it; Footsteps has improved Clark’s life abundantly and continues to do so with each visit! – Mum of young user

To continue helping families the charitable foundation must raise around £200,000 every year. Support from donations, charitable trusts, corporate support, fundraising in the community and legacy gifts from wills all ensure that this incredible work continues.

We’re pleased to be able to fund the publication of the Footsteps 2023 progress report.


Pie chart graph of how Footsteps raises funds


Out of each £1 raised, 80p goes towards physiotherapy for disabled children.

Footsteps does an amazing job of filling a serious gap in the provision of intensive physiotherapy for disabled children and young adults. Footsteps supports around 100 children each year through their Therapy and Helping Hand Support programmes.

Footsteps has become a nationally-renowned physiotherapy centre which has helped hundreds of children with varying conditions and needs to develop independent life-skills and show greatly improved levels of confidence, reaching milestones that previously seemed unattainable. Footsteps therapy is truly life-changing for them and their families.

From everyone at Footsteps, thank you so much to CL Medilaw for giving their support and helping disabled children reach their full potential – Footsteps Foundation

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