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CL Medilaw have recently obtained a six figure settlement for a young mum who suffered a 4th degree tear during labour.

The investigation focussed on the standards of obstetric care afforded to X at the time of giving birth to her first baby. X’s pregnancy progressed without concern. During labour, X sought an epidural. As a result of a failure to progress, the Registrar advised that a forceps delivery should be attempted in theatre and obtained consent for an episiotomy. It was alleged that the forceps delivery was uncontrolled with the Registrar failing to advise X to stop pushing between contractions. X’s ability to appreciate how forceful she was pushing was compromised by the effects of the epidural. X’s baby was delivered quickly and the Registrar failed to perform the episiotomy in time.

Our expert evidence confirmed that there was a failure by the Registrar to control the delivery. It was alleged that had X been advised to stop pushing between contractions, during this pause, the Registrar had time to cut the episiotomy which would have avoided the 4th degree tear and resulting symptoms. Reports from a colorectal surgeon and a clinical psychologist helped to identify the extent of X’s injuries which include ongoing bowel and psychological injuries. X was unable to return to her pre-incident occupation. The settlement will assist with supporting her young family in the future.


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