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Our clinical negligence team has settled a claim for damages following an injection into the Guyon’s canal as opposed to the Carpal tunnel causing damage to the ulnar nerve. Emergency hand surgery was required and our client subsequently developed complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). CRPS can be a debilitating condition and here had devastating consequences for our client and family resulting in a loss of career and a psychiatric injury.

Our team obtained an early admission from the Defendant Trust that the needle had been injected into the wrong area causing damage to the ulnar nerve. However, the Trust continued to deny that this led to CRPS. A settlement was reached following expert evidence from a Consultant Hand Surgeon and Pain specialist, a Consultant Psychiatrist as well as an expert report in care and occupational therapy. Settlement was reached without having to engage in the formal litigation process.

Damages for our client ensures that she will have the necessary support and financial security for her and her family in the years to come given, in particular, her loss of career and income opportunities.

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