COVID-19 has had a global effect and each individual from the UK has felt some impact from the pandemic. Whilst the country is currently gearing up to slowly come out of lockdown there are some people who are too vulnerable to take these steps forward for the moment. The government has identified those with cerebral palsy and neurodisabilities as being particularly vulnerable.

We spoke to a number of different organisations that we work closely with on how they are continuing to provide support and services remotely to those most in need. The first organisation we spoke to was The Pace Centre (PACE).

PACE is a groundbreaking charity that provides accessibility to specialist education and therapy services to children 0-18 with neurodisabilities, such as Cerebral Palsy. Because of the government’s latest guidelines, the children are unable to receive face to face physical therapy. This therapy is vital to children with neurodisabilities as the input ensures that they don’t lose their range of movement and have the best chance to overcome chronic pain, occupational therapy to maintain their hand function and other elements of motor control, speech and language therapy to help them with their communication needs and to ensure that they can eat and drink safely.

How has PACE adapted their services?

PACE understands the importance of continuing to support the families as much as possible at this time and have adapted their services to be carried out through the technology available to them so that the children do not suffer as a result of the crisis. Software such as Google classroom and Microsoft Teams has been introduced to continue therapeutic input, communicate with families and deliver education sessions.

How is COVID-19 affecting Pace financially?

PACE are expecting that the virus will have a huge negative impact on their voluntary income and this will be continue as long as the crisis lasts. Planned sources of income

their spring and summer events programme have had to be cancelled and there has been a dip in individual donations and a reduction in grant funding from trusts and foundations.

This loss of income could be devastating for vital services that achieve amazing outcomes for children with neurodisabilities. These services not only change the lives of the children and their families, but also reduce the cost of their future education and/or care.

For a number of years CL Medilaw have proudly supported PACE we share the same overarching aim to equip children with the tools they need to become as independent as possible for the future and to fulfil their full potential.

CL Medilaw are asking to help support this charity that does so much for vulnerable babies, children and young people today, tomorrow and in the future. Please donate

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