vaginal tear

Our client was riding his bicycle when a car collided with him. He was taken by ambulance to the major trauma centre for the south east where he was diagnosed with extensive orthopaedic injuries, including a fractured vertebra and fractured pelvis.

Support and specialist advice

Our client was the main earner for his family, with his wife being the main carer for their disabled daughter, who has cerebral palsy.

Our client’s injuries affected his income and his ability to support his wife.

What did we do for him?

We worked with the defendant’s insurers to obtain funding, under the Rehabilitation Code, the cost of the ongoing case management, physiotherapy and psychological therapy.

We also were able to fund a taxi account to take our client’s son to his clubs, a maintenance / handyman to provide support for the home and have a care package in place for our client’s disabled daughter. We have also obtained interim payments in excess of £15,000.

Changing Lives

As a result of this support our client is secure in the knowledge that the financial strains of his family are being lifted.

By obtaining the treatment he needs, our client is due to commence a staggered return to work shortly.

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