For those with disabilities following a brain injury, having the right house with the necessary adaptations is crucial to living comfortably and achieving some independence where possible.

What can be claimed?

Often the existing family home is not large enough or suitable for adaptation so a new property needs to be found and purchased. One-level properties or a wheelchair accessible lift will be required for those with significant mobility problems. A separate space is often needed to accommodate carers, and a dedicated therapy room and a place to store equipment can be vital. A larger garage or covered drive-way to house a disability vehicle might be needed, and the outside spaces and garden will also need to be made accessible.

The purchase price of the property can be claimed as part of a compensation award following a brain injury, subject to certain limits imposed by law on the calculation of this element of the claim.

The costs of adapting the property to make it suitable to meet yours and your family’s needs can be claimed in full.

We work with specialist architects and occupational therapists to help locate a suitable property and plan the most appropriate adaptations for our clients. It is important that our clients and their families continue to live in an area in which they are happy, and so the compensation claimed will be based on property prices in that locality.

Moving to a more suitable property is often a priority for our clients. As soon as an admission of liability in a case is obtained, we seek a large upfront payment of our client’s compensation from the defendant so that a new house can be purchased and adapted whilst the rest of the claim is finalised.

Why choose us?

The law surrounding accommodation claims is complex and evolving. Being brain injury specialist solicitors, we have vast experience in obtaining large sums of compensation for our clients and successfully challenging the defendant’s attempts to minimise the amount awarded.

We have many examples of the great houses that our clients have been able to buy and adapt, transforming theirs and their families’ lives, some even with their own hydrotherapy pools, sensory gardens or accessible treehouses.

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