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Louise Waldron Skydive

Meet Louise, our next superhero taking part in the Superheroes Tri at Dorney Lake, Windsor on 17 August 2019.

Superhero name: Louise Waldron

Other Aliases: 006.5

Earth years: 51

Place of origin: Runcorn

Your chosen mission: To rid the world of negativity

Your disability and how it challenges you: Left below knee amputation, it makes life more interesting

Why you want to take part: To show age and disability are no barriers to having fun

Your Kryptonite: Rain

Gadget of choice: Metal leg

Superpower: Positivity


Strength: Varies

Defence: Quick wit

Speed: Slow motion

Agility: Long gone

Dexterity: None very clumsy

Stamina: Not a lot

Will power: Loads

Recovery: Long , slow and painful

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