Thomas and Isabel with the help of their mum, Gill are taking on the Winter Wonderwheels Challenge 2020.

Thomas has downs syndrome. He struggles with a lot of respiratory problems and had a hole in his heart. He has really struggled with lockdown but the chance to go to Rainbow Hub has been a great opportunity for him. Thomas has been attending The Rainbow Hub for conductive therapy once a week and his family have seen what a difference it has made.

Thomas is able to walk but only very short distances. He is only two and a half so with the help of mum pushing him along in his pushchair or in his little trike, Thomas will be tackling the Winter Wonderwheels challenge. His sister, Isabel will be riding alongside and mum Gill might even skate in her roller boots!


Thomas and Isabel are raising money for Rainbow Hub. They are a charity providing therapeutic services for children and young people with physical disabilities as a result of a neurological condition or brain injury.


Thomas will be dressed as Spider-Man. Thomas is a heart warrior and after undergoing heart surgery as a baby, with his now fixed heart he has great powers. Thomas also has the power of love; he is able to make everyone smile with the best cuddles.

Isabel’s super power is being a bright spark and lucky. She has a super bubbly personality which fills her with confidence. Isabel will be completing her challenge as Wonder Woman.


Thomas is taking part to help raise money for the wonderful Rainbow Hub and to allow the family to say a big thank you for all the support they have provided during these difficult times.

We look forward to hearing how Thomas and Isabel are getting on and will be supporting them all the way.

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