THE SUPERHERO’S: Alex (SuperMac) is 14 years old and has teamed up with CL Medilaw’s very own Rebecca (Wonder Woman).

Alex has quadriplegic cerebral palsy, global development delay, learning difficulties and epilepsy. However with the assistance of sidekicks, Mum and Dad, Supermac is aiming to complete 4km on his trike. Rebecca is hoping to run as much of the 20K as super-humanly possible!

SUPERPOWERS: Alex’s superpower is ‘determination’. His disabilities may not let him do the things that the average teenager would do but he is determined to have as much fun & independence as possible. Rebecca’s superpower is lightening speed. You will have to look really hard to see her whizzing by!

CHOSEN CHARITY: Supermac’s charity of choice is Rainbow Hub. They provide therapeutic services for children and young people with physical disabilities resulting from a neurological condition or brain injury. Alex has chosen Rainbow Hub as he has attended classes there since the age of 2, during this time Alex has defied expectations by learning to sit briefly and to take steps in his walker.

MOTIVATION: Alex is taking part to help keep up his strength during lockdown as well as having some fun. He is also taking part to help make up some of the huge shortfall in fundraising at Rainbow Hub due to Covid-19. Rebecca has said it is the perfect opportunity for her to get back into running while raising money for Rainbow Hub. Plus she gets to team up with a fundraising superstar – Alex Mac!

Despite the aches and pains caused by lockdown, Alex is proving his ‘determination’ superpower by completing 1.6km of the challenge already! We can’t wait to see Supermac and Wonder woman cross the finish line in true superhero style! For photos and updates as the challenge unfolds, stay tuned across our social media platforms.

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