Failure to manage high blood pressure in pregnancy leads to cerebral palsy.

We obtained an early admission of liability from the Defendant Trust for a delay in delivery resulting in avoidable brain damage and a diagnosis of cerebral palsy.

What went wrong

Despite high blood pressure during pregnancy C was never seen by a Consultant Obstetrician nor prescribed a low dose of aspirin to reduce the risk of pre-eclampsia.

At 34 pregnant she complained of headaches, blurred vision and ankle oedema. Her blood pressure remained high and was referred to hospital where further investigations were made. Unfortunately, the hospital then failed to carry out CTGs regularly and interpret those that were carried out correctly.  C was discharged but the following day noticed reduced fetal movement and was re-admitted to hospital.

A CTG was carried out which was noted to be suspicious and then deteriorated.  Delivery was expedited but still didn’t take place for a further 5 hours following which C had an emergency caesarean section.

Ryan wasn’t breathing at birth and required resuscitation.  He was submitted to SCBU with hypoglycaemia and feeding issues. Ryan was subsequently diagnosed with spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and global developmental delay as a result of periventricular leukomalacia (PVL).  He requires assistance with day to day living and will be dependent on others for care and support for the rest of his life.

How We Helped

We secured an early substantial interim payment for Ryan and his family to support the immediate purchase of a wheelchair accessible vehicle, an all-terrain wheelchair and rental of a larger property due to immediate needs and ahead of identifying a suitable property to purchase in the long term.

Ryan’s claim for damages consists of a significant care claim, alternative accommodation as well as life-long provision of physiotherapy, speech and language therapy, technology support and an assessment of his educational needs as he gets older

Ryan enjoys school and living life to the full – he has a particular passion to take part in sporting activity holidays with his brother.  His claim for damages will enable him and his family to have financial security and the appropriate support for all his needs in the future.

“We can now move forward as a family with having peace of mind that our son will be thoroughly cared for during the rest of his life. We can also enjoy making lots of happy memories together.” – Ryan’s Mum

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