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At the age of two, Miss X was involved in a head-on collision between two vehicles when the car travelling in the opposite direction had to swerve to avoid a cyclist, who had fallen off of his bike.

As a result, she suffered a catastrophic brain injury and spinal injuries. Regrettably, she will require ventilation support for the rest of her life. She is also to be cared for 24/7 by a specialist team, including a registered nurse.

Support and specialist advice

Our team worked closely with the family, insurers and case management team to support our client’s rehabilitation. We were able to secure several adaptations to the home that the family had rented at that time. They have since been able to purchase a new family home, which has been specially adapted to our client’s needs, including the installation of a hydrotherapy pool to assist our client with her therapy treatment.

Changing Lives

We obtained a record-breaking settlement which was approved by the High Court last year. A lump sum of £3.1 million was awarded to cover the cost of the housing adaptations, assistive technology, education and care costs to date.

Due to the long-term nature of our client’s rehabilitation, cost of care and future living costs, there will be further payments of £950,000 each year. The total value is likely to be in the region of £45 million and sets the records for the highest personal injury award in UK history.

After the settlement, Miss X’s father said “ The [legal] team, although professional engaged, have become what you would call a friend. We are eternally grateful and appreciative of their help and support throughout the claim”

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