Remember Charlie and Louise aka the Hulk and Superwomen? They are two of CL Medilaw’s superheroes who have teamed up to take part in the At Home Superheroes Challenge 2020 to raise money for Tree of Hope. We caught up with them to see how they were getting on with the challenge and this is what they had to say…

Both Charlie and Louise have been thoroughly enjoying taking part in the At Home Superheroes Challenge. Louise has been running around the streets of Reading in her superwomen costume, embracing the honks and cheers from all of the locals who spot her whilst she is out and about on her runs and Charlie has been taking the challenge in his stride, doing laps in his walker and power chair his garden and house to the cheers and support of his physiotherapist and family members.

Although the challenge has not been an easy one for either of our superheroes with Charlie developing a friction burn on his leg from all of the lengths he achieved in his walker and Louise picking up a knee injury which put them both out of action. However, both of our superheroes made a speedy recovery and were back to taking part in the challenge within no time at all.

Despite, this hiccup, both Charlie and Louise are doing amazingly well, with Charlie already completing 10km in his walker and powerchair and Louise having ran over 50km! To see Charlie in action, click here:

To donate and support Team Charlie and Louise’s chosen charity, please follow the link below:

Good luck for the rest to the challenge, we can’t wait to see picture of your crossing that finish line!

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