Supporting Peeps HIE at their Bendrigg weekend away

We recently helped to fund a weekend away for Peeps HIE families at Bendrigg Trust through our Giving Back fund. The funding from us covered nearly 10% of the total cost which helped greatly to reduce the financial contribution required by the individual families.

As a longstanding charity friend of ours, Peeps HIE is dedicated to supporting families and children affected by HIE. Hypoxia Ischaemic Encephalopathy (HIE) is caused by a lack of oxygen during, or straight after, birth leading to a brain injury for the infant. HIE can affect individuals very differently and at different levels of severity, meaning families are often left feeling alone with limited support systems in place.

Peeps creates a community for families that actively improves the lives of those with HIE. Not only do they offer emotional and physical support, but they also campaign for change, educate about safe birth practices, and support carers.

Photo of 3 children. two are in specially adapted canoes with a third child sat between the two canoes
Photo of family members smiling and waving as they sit in canoes with children, with waving onlookers

With the help of our Giving Back fund, Peeps offered their families a short break, filled with exciting activities, that everyone could get involved in. Bendrigg Trust were incredible at providing a safe environment that accommodated everyone’s needs. Over the weekend, families enjoyed a variety of activities including zip wire, archery, canoeing, campfire cooking, climbing, abseiling, rope swing, indoor caving and a range of accessible sports games.

For the children, the weekend allowed them to have independence, built confidence and taught them new skills; at the same time as having fun. Down to the smallest details, such as dietary requirements and accessibility adaptations, the team at Bendrigg Trust made sure nothing was missed. Parents and siblings also took part in the activities; allowing them to build friendships and a community with similar individuals, as well as enjoying quality time with their child.

In a survey conducted, 85% of the parents/carers agreed that the money donated by CL Medilaw either significantly helped or was essential for their attendance at this fantastic weekend, with 71% stating they could not have gone without it.

We are proud to go above and beyond simply providing legal representation. It stands us apart from other law firms; we really are making a difference to the communities in which we live and work. Due to our Giving Back fund, the children from Peeps have gained an invaluable experience that will stay with them throughout their life. We are excited to support more life changing projects like these in the future. 

What parents had to say about the weekend

“Thank you so much Peeps, I can only imagine how much "behind the scenes" this took to organise. We are so thankful and feel so lucky to be supported by an amazing charity. Events like this make the hard parts of a Hie life easier to get through.”
“Overcoming my own fears, and letting my children try new things. Meeting new families.”
“Thank you Peeps for a wonderful, magical weekend where tears of happiness flowed, and beautiful memories were made.”
A group photo of adults and children smiling as they sit on sofas at an activity weekend

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