CL Medilaw are proud to announce our new partnership with national charity, Cerebra.

Cerebra are an incredible charity dedicated to helping children with brain conditions and their families discover a better life together. Families where there is a child who has a brain condition, face many hurdles, making everyday things we all take for granted, like having fun, making friends, learning and experiencing the world a challenge and this is where Cerebra get involved. They work closely with families to provide the best research-driven, high-quality health, legal, financial and social care advice for children aged 0-16 with brain conditions to enable them to discover a better life together.

Cerebra also help develop logical, innovative and fun solutions to disabilities, by designing and creating bespoke equipment for disabled and brain-injured children.  Some of the equipment is practical while some enables children to have fun and take part in activities that most children would take for granted. Like Henry, who needs to be ventilated 24 hours a day, meaning he has to take his ventilator with everywhere he goes and as a 3-year-old boy he wanted to be able to be active and play which was becoming hard for his mum, having to keep up with him and carry his ventilator around for him. Therefore, she contacted the innovation centre and they were able to build a custom-made trailer for him to attach to his bike, to carry his ventilator in a safe way to allow him freedom and independence. To find out more about Henry’s story click here.

CL Medilaw are very excited to be partnering with Cerebra as one of the charity’s corporate legal supporters as we understand, through the work that we do, the challenges and pressures that living with a brain injury can bring. Like Cerebra, we are committed to helping families overcome these challenges. We do this by asking the right questions and obtaining answers to what might have gone wrong in your child’s medical care, leading to financial compensation with the early provision of support. Rehabilitation, care, adapted accommodation, specialist aids and equipment, as well as regular therapy and treatment are some of ways a successful legal claim can change your family’s life in the future.

In addition to seeking compensation, we also advise families on special educational needs, the court of protection and act as a professional deputy.

Stay tuned to our website and social media for updates on how we are supporting Cerebra and head over to Cerebra’s website to find out more about this inspiring charity at

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