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Our team of medical negligence solicitors in Cheltenham are here to help you when you need them most. With years of experience, we can guide you through your claim and offer continuous support to you and your family.

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Birth Injury

We have helped many families obtain substantial compensation for injuries suffered at birth, giving them financial security that has truly changed their lives for the better.

Birth Injury

Contact one of our birth injury lawyers today to see how we can help, at no cost to you.
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Brain Injury

We make the legal side of things as easy and worry-free for you as possible. We concentrate on getting answers and the best compensation to provide for your needs.

Brain Injury

Whether you need rehabilitation, care, suitable accommodation, specialist aids and equipment, or all of those things and more.
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Fatal Claims

We can help you get answers about what happened during their medical treatment that caused their death, why it happened and obtain compensation to ease financial burdens

Fatal Claims

We are here to listen to your concerns so we can fight your corner and use our expert knowledge to help you.
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A cancer diagnosis is devastating but if it should have been diagnosed earlier due to negligence, the effects can be life changing.


we are here to listen to your concerns so we can fight your corner and use our expert knowledge to help you to bring your claim for compensation.
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Cerebral Palsy

We have many years of success and experience in cerebral palsy claims and recovering maximum compensation. We will help you to get answers, the best support and compensation to restore quality of life and future security

Cerebral Palsy

We are leading solicitors in helping clients to pursue compensation claims where their cerebral palsy has been caused by negligent treatment from doctors or midwives.
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If meningitis is not diagnosed or treated swiftly it can lead to a lifelong disability including brain damage, hearing loss, amputation and unfortunately in some instances the loss of a family member.


We can give you with an early indication as to whether a claim for damages is likely to be successful and can provide an initial free case review.
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Attending the Inquest of a loved one is extremely distressing and the process can be very confusing. We are experts that can help you through this difficult time and get the answers that you deserve.


We are here to listen to your concerns so we can fight your corner and get the answers that you need to understand what went wrong with your loved one’s medical treatment.
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Bladder & Bowel Cancer

Failure to diagnose or properly treat cancer can have life changing effects. Our experienced lawyers can help you make a compensation claim and get answers about what went wrong.


We understand the complexities of cancer cases and how important it is to have a team that understand your concerns and case
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What is Medical Negligence?

Medical negligence, also often referred to as clinical negligence, is when a health care professional deviates from care standards which causes an injury or results in a fatality.

Deviation from care standards can mean either acting in a negligent manner or the omission of acting at all.

Medical negligence claims are extremely complex, as no two cases are the same. The harm caused by medical negligence can range from minor to life changing, these claims then play a pivotal role in highlighting malpractice, where procedures need to change and holding those responsible to account.

How Can We Help?

We have a dedicated team of expert lawyers in Cheltenham and across the UK that specialise in working with families to guide them through a medical negligence claim. Our team will help with gaining financial and emotional support and work on your behalf to find the answers as to why this has happened.

Members of our clinical negligence team in Cheltenham specialise in cerebral palsy cases, birth Injury cases, cancer cases and fatal claims.

We help provide free case reviews and operate on a no win, no fee basis. To ensure that you get the best legal support possible during some of the most traumatic times in your life.

If you have previously had your claim reviewed by another firm we can look over it again for you with our free second opinion service.

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Our teams first priority is you. We are here to make sure that you get the support and guidance that you need during this difficult time. Throughout your case we will remain in constant contact and provide complete transparency so you know how the case is progressing at all times.

With our clinical negligence office in Cheltenham as well as others up and down the country, a member of our team will never be too far away to pay you a personal visit if you would like.

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The nearest train station, Cheltenham Spa station, is approx. ¾ mile. A 15 minute walk along a designated footpath / cycle path. Our Cheltenham office is also 10 minute walk to the town centre.

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