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Wizzybug is a game changer for little Libby

Libby’s mum Kayley told us why they were so excited when they found out Wizzybug would be suitable for Libby.

“Elizabeth (Libby) was born prematurely (and very unexpectedly!) at 34 weeks. In the early stages of her life we noticed that she was struggling with function on her left side. An MRI at 15 months old confirmed what paediatricians suspected and Libby received a diagnosis of left hemiplegic cerebral palsy.

Libby did not meet her milestones and despite having incredible determination, Libby found walking a real challenge. She often falls and trips but each and every time she picks herself back up!

I came across Wizzybug by chance on Facebook and immediately knew this would be a game changer for Libby! I had my reservations as I wasn’t sure Libby would qualify but the Occupational Therapist at Designability who took on Libby’s case agreed it would be suitable for her and we haven’t looked back!

Wizzybug has enabled a whole new level of independence for Libby and she is able to join in activities we thought weren’t possible.

Lily in her Wizzybug in autumn

She loves to use her Wizzybug at any given opportunity and enjoys talking to other adults and children about how lucky she is to have it. For us as a family is had allowed us to visit new environments in the comfort of knowing Libby is safe and can explore her surroundings independently. Wizzybug has been such a positive and life changing experience for Libby and I cannot thank them enough for allowing Libby to flourish and grow.”

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