Motorcycle Road Traffic Accident


Whilst out on his motorbike, Mr S was on the main road when the Defendant turned right across his path and the Claimant collided with the rear passenger’s side of the vehicle. Liability was contested and subsequently settled in the Claimants favour.

The collision resulted in Mr S sustaining a brain injury and complex musculoskeletal injuries, with a GCS score of 8, rating it as severe. This led to helicopter emergency medical services (HEMS) being called to the scene and transporting Mr S to the nearest hospital.


We helped support by helping secure the funding for their rehabilitation of which they needed for multiple injuries, even before liability was agreed.

They required rehabilitation for the following areas:

  • Private Neuro psychologist – to provide neuropsychological support to assist with coping systems to deal with the brain injury.
  • Private Neuro-Occupational Therapy – to help return to independent cooking and showering, looking at assistive devices and to return to work with ambulance services.
  • Hand therapy – Mr S suffered complex right-hand injuries and had multiple surgeries. They required intensive rehabilitation to obtain optimum recovery.
  • Rehabilitation Consultant – treating other leg and back pain.


Mr S is now able to live independently, they have been able to return to work and does not require any assistance with self-care.

They can carry out CPR in their job following hand therapy. Although they report ongoing discomfort when doing this but is able to carry it out.

The patient has developed strategies to help him remember things and to continue in their role at work.

With the support of input and advice, they understand how to avoid boom and bust and how to manage their ongoing fatigue.


Since the accident Mr S and their partner have had a baby. All of the support they have received throughout the case has made a huge difference in their lives and helped them return to normality. They are extremely grateful for everything that has been done and very pleased with the final settlement award from the case.

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