Sponsoring sensory toys for the Wizzybug crew!

Last month, we donated funds to Designability, for them to purchase a range of sensory toys to distribute to their amazing clients and families, all of whom benefit from the life-changing work that they do and use of their incredible Wizzybug!

The Wizzybug is an exceptional electric wheelchair designed for children up to the age of 5 (or a maximum of 20kg), with any condition or developmental delay that affects their ability to walk.

Designability created the Wizzybug with the aim of it being fun whilst also offering freedom of movement.

The Wizzybug Loan Scheme, operated by Designability, provides these wheelchairs at no cost, which is made possible through charitable donations and support.

The sensory toys which we funded included light-up spiky balls and some softer sensory balls for babies or younger children.

Sensory toys serve as a valuable resource for children and promote playful interactions which is extremely important for them.

Designability will be taking the sensory toys to their upcoming events, where they will be given out to families. It is hoped that, whilst the children are occupied with the toys, their parents can meet the Designability team and find out more about how they can help them.

A group of ladies from team Wizzybug holding the sensory toys, sponsored by CL Medilaw.

After receiving the sponsorship, the team at Wizzybugs stated:

“It's wonderful to have sensory toys to give to prospective Wizzybug children at events and exhibitions; it keeps them occupied while their parents find out more about the services we offer. The sensory toys that CL Medilaw kindly donated are perfect, because they are suitable for children with a range of dexterity and sensory needs. They are perfect – thank you so much to CL Medilaw for their support!”

Lucy Metters, Associate, from CL Medilaw also commented:

Lucy Metters

“Designability are a great charity, helping many families across the country, including by providing the fabulous Wizzybug to offer children more independence whilst having fun. We're delighted to work with Designability and it was a pleasure to help them by providing sensory toys for their events.”

If you think that your child would benefit from Designability’s services, including the Wizzybug Loan Scheme, or if you want to find out more about the charity, then head over to their website to see the user requirements and the process for applying.

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