Bowel Cancer

Failure to diagnose or properly treat bowel cancer can have life changing effects for you and your family. Our experienced bowel cancer lawyers can help you make a compensation claim and get answers about what went wrong.

Delayed or missed bowel cancer, can have devastating effects and lead to removal of part of or all of your bowel (colectomy) stoma formation (colostomy or ileostomy), chemotherapy or radiotherapy. Sadly, it can also cause the death of a loved one.

Early diagnosis can prevent the cancer spreading and causing these devastating outcomes. Symptoms of bowel cancer that all doctors should be aware of are if you pass blood or there is blood in your stools, a change in bowel habit, a lump, a feeling of needing to strain, weight loss and pain in your tummy or back passage.

You may be able to claim compensation if there was a:

  • Failure by your GP to recognise bowel cancer signs and symptoms;
  • Failure by the hospital to perform the correct tests;
  • Failure by the hospital to diagnose and treat despite sign, symptoms and test results;
  • Failure by the hospital to properly report scans or test results;
  • Failure by the hospital to provide correct treatment

Why bring a claim?

The impact that the delayed or missed diagnosis of bowel cancer has had on you and your family is at the heart of everything that we do.

We are here to listen to your concerns so we can fight your corner and get the answers that you need to understand what went wrong with your medical treatment. We can also help you to obtain compensation for treatment, care and loss of earnings, as well as any other losses caused as a result of your injuries.

How we can help?

No amount of money is ever going to change the negligent medical treatment that you have received or bring back a loved one that has passed away due to substandard care, but we can help ease some of the financial burdens by obtaining compensation, access cancer specialists for treatment advice, investigate the claim to help you understand what happened, hold individual clinicians to account and raise standards so that no one else has to go through what has happened to you.

Our specialist cancer team

We are specialist lawyers who successfully bring cases for clients when they have suffered a delay or misdiagnosis of cancer. We understand the complexities of cancer cases and how important it is to have a team that understand your concerns and case, and can get the best outcome for you following the traumatic events you have been through.

We are happy to act on a no win no fee basis so contact our expert team to discuss your bowel cancer negligence claim.

Call our specialist and friendly team on 0345 2410 154 or use the contact form and we’ll call you back.

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